Reviews & Interviews

February 2024 | Torch Magazine

February 2024 Feature: Arisa White

September 2023 | Poetry Society of America

The Poet’s Nightstand with Jane Wong: Who’s Your Daddy

June 2023 | Shepherd

Author Recommendation: Who’s Your Daddy by Beth Kephart

April 2023 | Glassworks: A Publication of Rowan University’s Master of Arts in Writing

Growing Up in a Negatively Charged Home: Review of Who’s Your Daddy by Bryce Morris

December 2022 | The Common

Permission to Dream Forth: An Interview with Arisa White by July Westhale

April 2022 | Poetic Pontification

Episode 5: On Coastal Differences and Historical legacies with host Melina Kritikopoulos

August 2021 | Autostraddle

Arisa White’s “Who’s Your Daddy” Explores the Quest for Family and Healing in a Queer, African-Diasporic Context by Julie R. Enszer

May 2021 | Hazlitt

More Than Identity, Queer is an Action, a Location: An Interview with Arisa White by Sarah Nielson

April 2021 | Brooklyn Poets

Poet of the Week: Arisa White

April 2021 | The Rumpus

Depths of Story: Who’s Your Daddy by Arisa White, reviewed by Keisha Bush

April 2021 | Ruth Stone House Podcast

Standing Tall Even When the Room is Crooked: Arisa White

April 2021 | The Poetry Project

Arisa White Reading & Ross Gay in Conversation

April 2021 | San Francisco Chronicle–Datebook

For Poetry Month, four new collections from Bay Area Poets

March 2021 | Pleiades

Exploring Repetition, Renewal, and the Cycles of Time in Arisa White’s Who’s Your Daddy by Briana Swain

March 2021 | Fathom

Burner Phones, Galoshes, and Mashramani in Guyana

March 2021 | Writer’s Digest

Arisa White: Putting the Pieces Together

March 2021 | The Blue and Yellow Kitchen

The Blue and Yellow Kitchen: Who’s Your Daddy with Arisa White

March 2021 | The Believer

An Interview with Arisa White by Piper J. Daniels

March 2021 | GLOW

Queer Artist Feature: Arisa White

March 2021 | Literary North

An Interview with Arisa White

March 2021 | Gibson’s Bookstore

Arisa White in Conversation with Dara Wier (Who’s Your Daddy)

March 2021 | Harvard Divinity School

Arisa White in Conversation with Rev. angel Kyodo williams (Who’s Your Daddy)

February 2021 | The Adroit Journal

The Possibility the Horizon Grants: A Conversation with Arisa White by Matthew Zapruder

January 2021 | Allonge

Poetic Book Tour: Review of Who’s Your Daddy

January 2021 | Foglifter

Love Repair, Ghosting Remnants, & Using Our Life Material: An Interview with Poet-Memoirist & Who’s Your Daddy Author Arisa White, by Michal “MJ” Jones

December 2020 | HODINKEE

The Year That Warped Time, by Genevieve Walker

July 2020 |

Five Female Authors Creating Moving Poetry, edited by Sheila O’Neill

December 2019 | Out of Our Minds on KKUP

Out of Our Minds on KKUP is the longest running poetry radio show in the United States, hosted by  Rachelle Escamilla aka Poetita.

August 2019 | Los Angeles Review of Books

Biddy Mason: A Free Woman in Los Angeles by Candace Cooper

June 2019 | Colby Magazine

Past-Place and Present Moment: Arisa White on telling a slave’s story to the next generation

May 2019 | Readers’ Favorite

Five-star review of Biddy Mason Speaks Up, by Lois J. Wickstrom

April 2019 | Poetry Society of America

In Their Own Words: The collaborative inspiration behind the chapbook  “Fish Walking” & Other Bedtime Stories for My Wife

April 2019 | Buzzfeed

“13 Books By Queer Poets to Add to Your Reading List,” by Sarah Neilson

April 2019 | KQED Forum

Biddy Mason Speaks Up, an interview with Arisa White and Laura Atkins, hosted by Michael Krasny

April 2019 | Queer Words Podcast

Conversation with queer-identified authors about their works and lives

March 2019 | Booklist

Book Review of Biddy Mason Speaks Up

February 2019 | New York Times

Meet Biddy Mason, A Black Woman Who Helped Build Los Angeles,” by Jill Cowan

February 2019 | Reading While White: Working for Racial Diversity and Inclusion in Books for Children and Teens

“Fighting for Justice: An Interview With the Authors,” by Allie Jane Bruce

February 2019 | Duende Literary

“Power Within Adversity: A Review of Biddy Mason Speaks Up,” by China Myers

February 2019 | The Ticker

” ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Author Publishes 3 Poetry Books After Contest,” by Benjamin Wallin

January 2019 | M is for Movement

Interview with Laura Atkins and Arisa White by Malaika Parker

December 2018 | BayViews: Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California

Sarah Jo Zaharako Reviews Biddy Mason Speaks Up

October 2018 | Kirkus Review

Biddy Mason Speaks Up! from the “Fighting For Justice” series by Arisa White & Laura Atkins; illustrated by Laura Freeman

August 2018 | Women’s Voices for Change

Poetry Sunday: Rebecca Foust analyzes the poem “When rivers river to the edge,” from the chapbook Perfect On Accident

March 2018 | Black Lesbian Literary Collective

Podcast: Arisa White joins us to continue the conversation with “Black Lesbians—We Are the Revolution” (Sinister Wisdom) contributors.

September 2017 | Ms. Magazine Blog

Fulfilling and Feeding the Creative Impulse: A Roundtable With Arisa White

September 2017 | Today’s Book of Poetry

Review: Micheal Dennis Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

July 2017 | Bustle

Book listing: 7 Books of Poetry for Long Plane Rides . . .  by JoAnna Novak

July 2017 | HocTok

Review: You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

June 2017 | GraceGod The Collective: Issue IV

“We have to let go what we believe of ourselves to actually imagine something more” Rohan DaCosta Interviews Arisa White

June 2017 | San Francisco Chronicle

“State Lines: California Poetry: Arisa White’s “Beechnut”

April 2017 | Los Angeles Review of Books

“Quiet is Creative. Silence is Death” Alyssa Oursler Interviews Arisa White

March 2017 | Publishers Weekly

Review of You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

February 2017 | Kenyon Review

You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened, reviewed by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers 

January 2017 | I am Not a Silent Poet

You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened by Arisa White, reviewed by Clara B. Jones

December 2016 | Drunken Boat

Interview: “Blessed Be #7 With Arisa White

November 2016 | Lambda Literary

Christopher Soto Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

November 2016 | Diary of An Eccentric

Emma Eden Ramos Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

October 2016| East Bay Express

Oakland Poet Arisa White’s Love Letter to Queer Black Women: On You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

October 2016 | Melissa Firman

Review of You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

October 2016 | Suko’s Notebook

A Conversation With Arisa White

September 2016 | The Lesbrary

Julie Thompson Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

April 2016 | HocTok

Interview: Arisa White is a poet whose creativity is her daily realm. This is her power; it’s what permits her fearlessness. It is her truth. 

September 2015 | RadicalMagicalBrilliance

Features poet, author, educator Arisa White, who is considered by host GaBrilla Ballard as a force of nature.

August 2015 | Gazing Grain Press

Arisa White Talks Emotional Mapping, Comprehending Trauma, Inclusivity, Intersectionality, & More

April 2015 | OmniVerse

Janelle Bonifacio interviews Arisa White

January 2015 | UMass Amherst Alumni Association

It’s Not Just About the Written Word

October 2014 | The BookBaby Blog

Why a traditionally published poet decided to self-publish her newest book, give it away for free, and ask readers to help her write the sequel

August 2014 | Hello Giggles

Book Listing: 15 Amazing Lady Poets You Need to Know Right Now

July 2014 | SF Weekly

The Write Stuff: Arisa White on Experiencing the Articulation of Preverbal Understandings

January 2014 | The Feminist Wire

A Review of A Penny Saved by Sarah Mantilla Griffin

December 2013 | Women’s Quarterly Conversation

profiles in poetics: Arisa White

December 2012 | Mercury News

Oakland poet explores family in debut collection

November 2012 | The Narrator

Poetry Review: Arisa White’s A Penny Saved: A Poetic Narrative of Domestic Abuse

June 2012 |

Across the Page: Meredith Maran, Linda Hirshman, Arisa White

April 2012 | Savvy Verse & Wit

Interview with poet Arisa White

April 2012 | Savvy Verse & Wit

A Review of Hurrah’s Nest by Serena Augusto-Cox

April 2012 | Switchback

Syntax as Music in Arisa White’s Hurrah’s Nest

April 2012 | The Narrator

Poetry Review: Hurrah’s Nest

March 2012 | Life and The Word

Interview with Arisa White

December 2010 | The Minnesota Review

Arisa White Photo Interview

April 2009 |

Poetry Review: Disposition for Shininess