August 2019 | Los Angeles Review of Books

Biddy Mason: A Free Woman in Los Angeles by Candace Cooper

June 2019 | Colby Magazine

Past-Place and Present Moment: Arisa White on telling a slave’s story to the next generation

May 2019 | Readers’ Favorite

Five-star review of Biddy Mason Speaks Up, by Lois J. Wickstrom

April 2019 | Poetry Society of America

In Their Own Words: The collaborative inspiration behind the chapbook  “Fish Walking” & Other Bedtime Stories for My Wife

April 2019 | Buzzfeed

“13 Books By Queer Poets to Add to Your Reading List,” by Sarah Neilson

April 2019 | KQED Forum

Biddy Mason Speaks Up, an interview with Arisa White and Laura Atkins, hosted by Michael Krasny

April 2019 | Queer Words Podcast

Conversation with queer-identified authors about their works and lives

March 2019 | Booklist

Book Review of Biddy Mason Speaks Up

February 2019 | New York Times

Meet Biddy Mason, A Black Woman Who Helped Build Los Angeles,” by Jill Cowan

February 2019 | Reading While White: Working for Racial Diversity and Inclusion in Books for Children and Teens

“Fighting for Justice: An Interview With the Authors,” by Allie Jane Bruce

February 2019 | Duende Literary

“Power Within Adversity: A Review of Biddy Mason Speaks Up,” by China Myers

February 2019 | The Ticker

” ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Author Publishes 3 Poetry Books After Contest,” by Benjamin Wallin

January 2019 | M is for Movement

Interview with Laura Atkins and Arisa White by Malaika Parker

December 2018 | BayViews: Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California

Sarah Jo Zaharako Reviews Biddy Mason Speaks Up

October 2018 | Kirkus Review

Biddy Mason Speaks Up! from the “Fighting For Justice” series by Arisa White & Laura Atkins; illustrated by Laura Freeman

August 2018 | Women’s Voices for Change

Poetry Sunday: Rebecca Foust analyzes the poem “When rivers river to the edge,” from the chapbook Perfect On Accident

March 2018 | Black Lesbian Literary Collective

Podcast: Arisa White joins us to continue the conversation with “Black Lesbians—We Are the Revolution” (Sinister Wisdom) contributors.

September 2017 | Ms. Magazine Blog

Fulfilling and Feeding the Creative Impulse: A Roundtable With Arisa White

September 2017 | Today’s Book of Poetry

Review: Micheal Dennis Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

July 2017 | Bustle

Book listing: 7 Books of Poetry for Long Plane Rides . . .  by JoAnna Novak

July 2017 | HocTok

Review: You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

June 2017 | GraceGod The Collective: Issue IV

“We have to let go what we believe of ourselves to actually imagine something more” Rohan DaCosta Interviews Arisa White

June 2017 | San Francisco Chronicle

“State Lines: California Poetry: Arisa White’s “Beechnut”

April 2017 | Los Angeles Review of Books

“Quiet is Creative. Silence is Death” Alyssa Oursler Interviews Arisa White

March 2017 | Publishers Weekly

Review of You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

February 2017 | Kenyon Review

You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened, reviewed by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers 

January 2017 | I am Not a Silent Poet

You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened by Arisa White, reviewed by Clara B. Jones

December 2016 | Drunken Boat

Interview: “Blessed Be #7 With Arisa White

November 2016 | Lambda Literary

Christopher Soto Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

November 2016 | Diary of An Eccentric

Emma Eden Ramos Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

October 2016| East Bay Express

Oakland Poet Arisa White’s Love Letter to Queer Black Women: On You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

October 2016 | Melissa Firman

Review of You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

October 2016 | Suko’s Notebook

A Conversation With Arisa White

September 2016 | The Lesbrary

Julie Thompson Reviews You’re the Most Beautiful Thing That Happened

April 2016 | HocTok

Interview: Arisa White is a poet whose creativity is her daily realm. This is her power; it’s what permits her fearlessness. It is her truth. 

September 2015 | RadicalMagicalBrilliance

Features poet, author, educator Arisa White, who is considered by host GaBrilla Ballard as a force of nature.

August 2015 | Gazing Grain Press

Arisa White Talks Emotional Mapping, Comprehending Trauma, Inclusivity, Intersectionality, & More

April 2015 | OmniVerse

Janelle Bonifacio interviews Arisa White

January 2015 | UMass Amherst Alumni Association

It’s Not Just About the Written Word

October 2014 | The BookBaby Blog

Why a traditionally published poet decided to self-publish her newest book, give it away for free, and ask readers to help her write the sequel

August 2014 | Hello Giggles

Book Listing: 15 Amazing Lady Poets You Need to Know Right Now

July 2014 | SF Weekly

The Write Stuff: Arisa White on Experiencing the Articulation of Preverbal Understandings

January 2014 | The Feminist Wire

A Review of A Penny Saved by Sarah Mantilla Griffin

December 2013 | Women’s Quarterly Conversation

profiles in poetics: Arisa White

December 2012 | Mercury News

Oakland poet explores family in debut collection

November 2012 | The Narrator

Poetry Review: Arisa White’s A Penny Saved: A Poetic Narrative of Domestic Abuse

June 2012 |

Across the Page: Meredith Maran, Linda Hirshman, Arisa White

April 2012 | Savvy Verse & Wit

Interview with poet Arisa White

April 2012 | Savvy Verse & Wit

A Review of Hurrah’s Nest by Serena Augusto-Cox

April 2012 | Switchback

Syntax as Music in Arisa White’s Hurrah’s Nest

April 2012 | The Narrator

Poetry Review: Hurrah’s Nest

March 2012 | Life and The Word

Interview with Arisa White

December 2010 | The Minnesota Review

Arisa White Photo Interview

April 2009 |

Poetry Review: Disposition for Shininess

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